What they say about Dedwydd's work

Sparkling, brilliant dialogue. An exciting fresh approach to the political cause of the human condition! Playwrights Centre of San Francisco, USA

Celestial Rock sounds challenging and stimulating. I am sure it will become a model for young performers! Jenny Harris, Head of Education, National Theatre, London

Full-length Plays

  1. Underdogs and TroublemakersUnderdogs and TroubleMakers History/fantasy of the best of British 'troublemakers.
  2. The Garden of Earthly DelightsThe Garden of earthly Delights Satire on inhuman values.
  3. John BunyanCelestial Rock Musical Musical of John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress.

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Film and TV Scripts

  1. The Raven ManThe Raven Man for TV and Film A four-part mini series for film/television on the life of Edgar Allan Poe.
  2. Caradoc EvansNothing to Pay A classic study in greed.
  3. Bram StokerThe Life and Times of Bram Stoker Creator of blood-thirsty Count Dracula

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Shorter Plays

  1. MistakesMistakes Sexy comedy in lush surroundings.
  2. The Paradise Man The Paradise Man John ('Paradise Lost') Milton, poet of the only English Republic
  3. Some Good AdviceSome Good Advice Grim family farce.

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  1. Mary Kinglsey, African ExplorerMary Kingsley One of those indomitable Victorian women who turned their world upside down.
  2. A Monstrous RegimentA Monstrous Regiment Anti-feminist jerk-off with impotence in the wings.
  3. Barbara Villiers, Duchess of PortsmouthIntroducing Barbara Villiers The most beautiful, intelligent, sensual and dangerous of King Charles II's many mistresses

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Letter to Educational Establishments

  1. Letter to educational EstablishmentsThe plays of Dedwydd Jones are replete with themes of historical interest, themes which could be acted out as part of the wider curriculum. . . The events in these historical plays and the truths they embody, endure to this very day. Indeed, never has their story  had such contemporary relevance! Try them on stage and find out!

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